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Private Universe, written by Australian Screenwriter Brendan Luno

Brendan abandoned a fun-filled career in Town Planning for the serious business of comedy writing, working on shows like the D-Generation, Rubbery Figures, Fast Forward, Full Frontal, Tonight Live, Something Stupid and Comedy Inc.

He has also written for numerous children’s’ television shows, both live-action and animation, as well as comedy panel shows, awards shows and even a comedy based adult literacy programme for SBS. Brendan also wrote and produced comedy segments for breakfast radio for 11 years.

He created and co-wrote Whatever Happened to That Guy? and the ATOM Award-winning Snake Tales. Brendan has been nominated for or won Australian Writers’ Guild AWGIE Awards, AACTA awards, Logies and even a short-lived Penguin Award. He lives with his teenage son, two cats and six guitars, and a nagging worry that he should recycle more.

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