The Waiting Room

Joanne Min Fa


When a career criminal trying to go straight is murdered, her consciousness is transferred to a virtual reality. She must fight to reclaim her life and find her killer.


Darcy Winters is smart, driven and focused…on breaking the law.  She’s a career criminal who’s built a successful enterprise on smuggling contraband.  But after losing her parents in a plane crash, she has a change of heart and decides to abandon her life of crime. Her resolve is tested when …

About Joanne Min Fa

Joanne’s love of sci-fi and fantasy is what first inspired her to write, beginning with short stories and a yet to be published fantasy novel. She recently turned her hand to screenwriting and is particularly drawn to character-driven stories. As a writer with a varied background, diversity is an important feature of her work.

Her screenplay, The Waiting Room (Pilot episode), was shortlisted for the 2015 John Hinde Award for Science Fiction, and longlisted in the 2016 Prime Time screenwriting competition.

Australian Screenwriter Joanne Min Fa
Joanne Min Fa