Sam Uther & Grace Uther

Short film

Queensland, 1969. On the way to a job interview, Leslie hears a voice in the backseat: a soldier avoiding deployment to Vietnam. Fearing for her life, will Leslie make a stand


In the vein of “Psycho” and “The Twilight Zone,” this short film, “1969” is a thriller set against the backdrop of political unrest, war, misogyny and the sexual revolution. A recommendation letter sits on the kitchen counter of a tidy modernist house. It’s early morning, and Leslie, a teacher, enters, …

About Sam Uther & Grace Uther

Sam and Grace Uther are screenwriters and filmmakers based in Brisbane. In 2018 they were inducted onto the Pathways program with their short film script “1969,” shortlisted for the Monte Miller award. Sam and Grace are currently developing scripts for a thriller anthology television series, for which “1969” is a proof of concept.

In 2017 Sam and Grace wrote and produced the short film thriller “OBSESSIVE” which was selected for screening at the Gold Coast Film Festival: SIPFEST; Simply Shorts Brisbane; and Noosa International Film Festival.

Their creative partnership began at film school while getting their bachelor degrees in film production. Since graduating in 2012 Sam and Grace have worked in the Australian screen industry. Sam works as a storyboard and concept artist, Grace in location management and producing.

Australian Screenwriters Sam Uther and Grace Uther
Sam Uther & Grace Uther