Private Universe

Brendan Luno


When a physics experiment goes wrong, Simon Morales finds himself flipping between his current reality and a parallel universe where his dead wife is alive again.


Thirty-three-year-old Simon Morales is having the second worst day of his life. In his role as PR Manager at the Great Southern Collider, an advanced research facility investigating the very nature of the universe, he has to babysit the press while they repeat a failed experiment that was first conducted …

About Brendan Luno

Brendan abandoned a fun-filled career in Town Planning for the serious business of comedy writing, working on shows like the D-Generation, Rubbery Figures, Fast Forward, Full Frontal, Tonight Live, Something Stupid and Comedy Inc. He has also written for numerous...Read more about Brendan Luno

Brendan Luno, Private Universe
Brendan Luno