A Moth Myth

Jim Carroll

Feature film

A moth discovers the plan of an Edwardian era Scientist and an industrialist to trap and kill all the butterflies in a rainforest valley during their yearly migration.


The night before JUNIOR hatched, his mother was attacked by a swarm of bats. Gravely wounded, she sought shelter in a briar bush. Her last act was to lay one egg that rolled down the briar branch, glanced off a thorn and fell onto a soft leaf next to some butterfly eggs. …

About Jim Carroll

Jim Carroll is the runner-up in the recent “What’s the Story” competition that earned him acceptance into the AWG Pathways Program. A retired trial lawyer and San Francisco émigré, he has written a half-dozen unproduced screenplays and two unpublished novels. He lives in Adelaide with his wife, two dogs, a very old cat and an unending stream of visiting grandchildren.

Jim Carroll  Screenwriter
Jim Carroll