Alice Unbound

Tony D'Aquino

Feature film

A car accident leaves a suburban housewife with a dead thief, a shattered memory and 48 hours to make her dreams come true by committing the perfect crime.


A seedy motel room. A woman lies dying on the floor. She tells us her story. Alice Sharp is a young woman who feels trapped by life, debt and suburbia. But one day, while daydreaming of being a master criminal, she crashes into Zeke – a thief on the run. …

About Tony D'Aquino

Tony D’Aquino is a highly experienced, award winning writer and director. He is a graduate of the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts, School of Film and Television. He has directed music videos, television commercials, short films, television drama. 

In 2019 his debut feature THE FURIES was unleashed on the festival circuit. So far it has screened at such renowned festivals as the Brussels International Fantastic Film Fest, the Edinburgh International Film Fest and Bucheon International Fantastic Film Fest. Many more festivals to come, including the iconic FrightFest London and Sitges.

“D’Aquino neatly weaves stalk-and-kill thrills with tense psychological drama.” Variety
“Writer-director Tony D’Aquino does not mess around with The Furies. He gets straight to the good stuff, puts his foot on the gas, and then never lets up.” Entertainment Focus
The Furies will be released in Australia, US and the UK in late 2019.

Tony brings a unique combination of life experience to the creative process of filmmaking, which has resulted in a track record of delivering innovative projects on time, on budget and in a positive manner that fosters artistic risk taking and high achievement.

Tony D'Aquino Screenwriter
Tony D'Aquino