Bad Timing

Becki Bouchier


Living in Melbourne, three housemates navigate the highs and lows of nearing 'life in your 30s'.


Today’s world is a terrifying place for a child of the 90s; we know how to make a mixtape, can recite The Lion King word-for-word, yet couldn’t identify a Jonas brother if our lives depended on it. Like a one-night stand who avoids your texts, society has moved on. I’m …

About Becki Bouchier

Growing up with an overactive imagination and unlimited use of her dad’s video camera (provided he never knew about it), Becki spent her childhood days crafting stories and yelling at her younger brother when he refused to act in her films.

Now older and wiser and far too good-natured to be yelling at actors, Becki works in the industry as an offline editor as well as penning scripts for film, TV and online. Having completed studies in film at both the University of South Australia and Open Channel, Becki’s scripts continue to place in international and domestic screenwriting competitions, including AWG’s Think Inside the Box and the Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition, along with several others.

She is currently working on several comedy and sci-fi projects, including an upcoming web series to be produced in 2017.

Australian Screenwriter Becki Bouchier
Becki Bouchier