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Clive Collins, a low-rent stand-over merchant for an English crime boss, finds himself in an opal-mining town swarming with desperadoes and misfits from all over the world.


Some are born evil, others have evil thrust upon them… Fr Clive Collins, a strange new priest, arrives in an opal-mining town populated by desperadoes and misfits from all over the world – Blackfire.  Clive discovers that beneath Blackfire’s surface lies more than desert jewels, there’s a secret, a secret …

About Jan Sardi

Jan Sardi is one of Australia’s eminent screenwriters. In 1997 he received an Academy Award nomination for his screenplay for Shine, as well as BAFTA, Writers Guild of America and Golden Globes nominations. Jan has numerous other credits including Love’s Brother, an...Read more about Jan Sardi

About Mac Gudgeon

Mac Gudgeon is one of the most highly renowned screenwriters in the Australian film and television industry, and has long been a vocal advocate for writers' rights. Mac's feature film credits include Ground Zero (written with Jan Sardi) which won...Read more about Mac Gudgeon

About Shanti Gudgeon

Shanti Gudgeon has written for Foxtel comedy/drama series SLiDE for Playmaker Media, Conspiracy 365 for Circa Films, Dance Academy for Werner Productions and ABC3, Trip for Biscuits for ABC3, and Nowhere Boys for Matchbox Pictures and ABC3. Nowhere Boys won the AACTA Award for Best Children’s Series and the LOGIE Award for Best Children’s Series, while Trip for Biscuits has been nominated for an SPA Award for Best Children’s Television Productions. Most recently, Shanti wrote for the second season of Wolf Creek.

Shanti’s screenplay, Scratches + Cuts, was selected for Film Victoria’s New Feature Writers Scheme and it was also nominated for an IF Award for best unproduced feature screenplay. Her feature script, Under The Black Flag, was selected by the Producer’s Guild of America for their International Co-Production Showcase. Shanti in development on the feature All I Know of the Devil, supported through Screen Australia.

Jan Sardi, Blackfire
Jan Sardi
Mac Gudgeon, Blackfire
Mac Gudgeon
Australian Screenwriter Shanti Gudgeon
Shanti Gudgeon