The Boy Who Cried Dinosaur

Chris Kunz

Feature film

When 10-year-old dinosaur obsessive Tom Reynolds and his two wayward donkeys discover prehistoric bones on his parents’ property, it sets in motion an epic adventure.


Tom Reynolds is a quirky 10-year-old boy who has driven everyone mad with his intense dinosaur obsession since he first learnt the words tyrannosaurus rex. He lives in the red dirt and rugged landscape of Winton, in west Queensland, on a drought-ravaged farm with his mum, dad, little sister and …

About Chris Kunz

Chris has written and script edited for kids TV on shows including Sleepover Club, Jeopardy, Don’t Blame the Koalas and Snobs. She was previously a children’s and young adult publisher and editor at Random House Australia, where she created and wrote the bestselling 20-book series Bindi Wildlife Adventures, the Robert Irwin Dinosaur Hunter series, and the Animal Tales series, which was produced in conjunction with the RSPCA.

The Boy Who Cried Dinosaur was shortlisted for Screen Australia’s Family Film Forum in 2016. The story is inspired by the real story of dinosaur bones found on a farm in Winton in 2006, which was discovered to be a new species, nicknamed Banjo, scientifically named the australovenator, and remains the most complete fossil of a carnivorous dinosaur found in Australia to this day.

Chris is currently co-writing a feature film adaptation of the bestselling novel Lost & Found with support from Create NSW and is involved in the development of The Unlisted, a kids TV series, with Buster Productions and Aquarius Films.

Australian Screenwriter Chris Kunz
Chris Kunz