Brother Wolf

Simon Butters

Feature film

Two brothers suffer the death of their parents and begin a search for spiritual answers; unwittingly unleashing a terrifying supernatural force - the beast within.


Michael (20) is a third-year med student, certain about life – and mortality. He’s not concerned about working with the cadavers, unlike his squeamish partner RAVI. Deep down, medicine isn’t really what he wants from life. He’s doing it to please his parents. There has to be something more – …

About Simon Butters

Simon Butters is a screenwriter in film and television. His television credits include: Wicked Science, Scooter: Secret Agent, H20 Just Add Water, Pirate Islands Lost in Fiji, The Elephant Princess, Lightning Point, Mako: Island of Secrets and Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures among others. Simon is currently developing a slate of feature films for various producers. He was the inaugural winner of the 2014 Australian Writers’ Guild John Hinde Science Fiction Award for his film Min Min. Simon is also a novelist, his teen novel The Hounded received a notable listing for the CBCA 2017 book of the year award and was nominated for the 2014 Adelaide Festival Awards for Literature (under the title, Black Dog).

Simon Butters Screenwriter
Simon Butters