Kelsey Munro


A smart, fast-talking, politically-savvy comedy about the clash of generations and the search for truthiness in a newsroom running as fast as it can to keep up with the future


Print is dead, and they’re moving into the digital sunshine. The internet is killing newspapers, and the very highly-paid consultants hired by the new boss say the only way to save venerable Sydney broadsheet The Paper is to chase clicks online. Adapt or die. Which means less award-winning investigations and …

About Kelsey Munro

Kelsey Munro is a Sydney-based writer and journalist. She has worked for The Sydney Morning Herald and Rolling Stone magazine, and edited the Walkley award-nominated Herald project Shirtfronted: the Story of the Abbott Government. She has a masters degree in Asia Pacific Politics. Also, two kids and a dog. This is her first script.

Kelsey Munro Screenwriter
Kelsey Munro