Steve Mitchell

Feature film
Comedy • Sci-Fi

A cynical insurance investigator and an American UFO enthusiast lock horns over a farmer's crazy claim for abducted cows in a town where the truth really is out there.


When a farmer makes an insurance claim for abducted cows, the insurance company wants to avoid any potential embarrassment by sending their best investigator to debunk him. Rich Valentine is someone who’s so cynical he doesn’t believe what anyone says. He’s a human lie detector – a skill that’s earned …

About Steve Mitchell

Steve Mitchell is an emerging comedy writer based in Melbourne. He studied filmmaking at VCA and Professional Screenwriting at RMIT.

Steve directed The Unusual Suspects, a finalist at the Tropfest Film Festival ,and wrote and produced the acclaimed low-budget feature The Heckler, which won an award at the LA Comedy Festival.

Keen to find a bigger audience for his work, Steve is now a father to two young boys. Steve sometimes performs stand-up comedy, now mostly at home, to get his kids to go to bed.

Australian Screenwriter Steve Mitchell
Steve Mitchell