Miley Tunnecliffe


A family of dysfunctional psychologists struggle with their own relationships as well as their patients'.


This project is the winner of the 2017 PAGE International Screenwriting Award – TV Sitcom Pilot. A 6-8 x half hour serialized drama-black comedy in the tone of Transparent and Six Feet Under exploring inappropriate relationships, family and the messed-up parts of life we have to deal with… or more …

About Miley Tunnecliffe

Miley Tunnecliffe is an Australian writer, director, and a New York Stella Adler trained performer. She has written on the upcoming ABC/NBCUniversal/Matchbox Pictures drama series The Heights and the half-hour animated comedy series 100% Wolf for Flying Bark.

Miley has just completed production as writer, director and star on the ScreenWest-funded digital comedy series Calling starring Debra Lawrance (Please Like Me).

In 2018, Miley has been selected to participate in Screen Australia’s Talent USA Program that introduces the best emerging Australian talent to the international market.

In 2017, Miley was named Winner of the 2017 PAGE International Screenwriting Award for TV comedy (a contest that received over 6000 entries that year) and the recipient of the prestigious Screenwest Bill Warnock Emerging Writer’s Initiative. Her writing has consistently placed in other international screenwriting awards, including The Oscars Academy Nicholls Fellowships and AWG’s Prime Time.

Miley has worked in the script department on Channel Seven’s The Secret Daughter season two, ABC’s Mustangs and on series in development for Every Cloud.

She has produced three short films including the hit comedy, Love in a Disabled Toilet, which she also scripted. Miley wrote and directed theromantic drama Lola & Luis, (Nominated-Best Film, Winner-Best Actor at the 2016 Western Australian Screen Awards).

Miley is repped by Creative Representation in Australia and Fictional Entity in the US.

Australian Screenwriter Miley Tunnecliffe
Miley Tunnecliffe