Driving by Moonlight

Ian Rochford

Feature film

A man who blames himself for his wife’s death takes to the road and finds the answers he needs from people more damaged than himself.


Charlie Fisher has just served five years. During his incarceration, his wife committed suicide. In response, Charlie blinded his left eye. With a fork. He returns to what was his home, to his daughter Michelle, who blames him for her mother’s death. Finding nothing left to stay for, Charlie makes …

About Ian Rochford

Ian Rochford is a Sydney-based member of the AWG who has been assessing scripts since 1999. He has written comedy and drama for television, short film and feature as well as corporate, experimental and independent projects, and shared the 2003 AWGIE Award for Children’s television. Ian also has practical experience in short and feature film-making, television production and script development.

Ian Rochford Screenwriter
Ian Rochford