Easy, Tiger

Greta Harrison, Matthew Vaughan


A TV reporter is faced with a hairy situation: she discovers she’s part Tasmanian tiger. Now she must lead a double-life to put her town off the scent and find a cure.


It’s 1997, Tasmania. A time where the internet wasn’t really a thing. A time where Chumbawumba was. A time where Pauline Hanson launched her One Nation party (as if that’ll catch on). A time where Fran learns she’s part Tasmanian tiger. A thyla-sapien to be exact. Her transformation occurring during …

About Greta Harrison

A former political journalist, Greta haswritten comedy and genre TV and film content in Australia and the UK. Her screenplays have been recognised by the Academy Nicholl Fellowship, CineStory, Script Pipeline and the Australians in Film Gateway LA Aussie List.

With her writing partner Matthew C. Vaughan, Greta wrote the comedy pilot Easy, Tiger which received a Highly Commended for AWG’s Laugh Out Loud initiative.

In 2014, the pair were selected for ABC and ScreenAustralia’s Fresh Blood comedy initiative. Their short sketch series Touched by an Angle Grinder screened on the ABC.

Greta and Matthew have written a number of award-winning web series, including Event Zero (2013). In 2017, they wrote the Event Zero feature film adaptation. The film was released in Australian cinemas and on VICE and BlackPills in the US and Europe.

Greta’s television writing includes Viskatoons’ animated children’s series Jar Dwellers SOS (ELEVEN/ABC ME) and Good News Week (TEN). Greta and Matthew are developing the children’s comedy series Captain Coggfor Pickle Pictures, supported by the ACTF.

About Matthew Vaughan

Matthew is an award-winning comedy and genre writer.

His first screenplay, Get Black, received development funding from Screen Australia. The script was nominated for an Inside Film award for Best Unproduced Screenplay and reached the finals of several USA screenwriting competitions.

With co-writer Greta Harrison, Matthew penned the comedy pilot My Fist Your Face which was selected for the Australians in Film Gateway LA Aussie List. The pilot was also selected for the CineStory TV/Digital Retreat in California and a finalist in Script Pipeline TV Contest.

Matthew’s writing credits include the children’s series Jar Dweller SOS and Bertram Poppingstock: Problem Solver. And also Touched by an Angle Grinder – a short sketch series he co-wrote and starred in, for Screen Australia and ABC’s Fresh Blood comedy initiative.

Matthew and Greta wrote the political thriller feature film Event Zero. The genre was more serious than their usual comedic work, but it did allow them destroy to Sydney Harbour (well, not literally).

Australian Screenwriter Greta Harrison
Greta Harrison
Australian Screenwriter Matthew Vaughan
Matthew Vaughan