Empty Nesters

Alli Parker

Comedy • Drama • Family

A young woman finally buys her own house and can't wait to live alone - until her father announces that her mother has kicked him out and he’s moving in.


Jess Webb has finally managed to do what many consider impossible in this day an age – she’s bought a house on her own by age 30. After living with her parents, Gary and Carol, all through her 20s, she’s emerged victorious and has managed to buy a flat. She …

About Alli Parker

Alli Parker is a screenwriter, script editor, and script co-ordinator based in Melbourne. She was recently named in the Top Ten for the Scripted Ink., Screentime and Channel 9 Drama Hothouse Opportunity 2018 and her two TV series, Hart and Empty Nesters, were accepted into the AWG Pathways Program.

In early 2018, she undertook a three-month script placement at Echo Lake Entertainment in Los Angeles with the help of the Australian Writers’ Guild and Scripted Ink. and, in mid-2017, she was commissioned by Mark Stewart Films to write a feature film with her co-writer, Anton Russell.

Her feature script Strain was a finalist in the Open Channel and Australian Writers’ Guild New Writers’ Competition 2016 (Feature Film Category) and was subsequently inducted into the AWG Pathways Program.

Her work as a script editor and co-ordinator include Jack Irish Series 1 & 2, Sunshine, Please Like Me Series 4, Ride Like A Girl and she has worked as a script assistant on Hacksaw Ridge and Utopia Series 1 & 2.

She has several film and television projects in development.

Alli Parker Screenwriter
Alli Parker