Jacklyn Bassanelli


A mining settlement on Mars inexplicably loses all contact with Earth after astro-biologist Lexi Faulkner discovers a singular Martian seed in the depths of the iron ore mine.


An 8 x 1 hour returnable sci-fi mystery.   EVERGREEN is a fertile world built on hostile ground: a dazzling futuristic garden where eucalypts fill the fibreglass skies far removed from a decaying Earth. Created by visionary astrobiologist Lexi Faulkner, this pristine, air-tight ecosystem supplies the first colony on Mars …

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About Jacklyn Bassanelli

Jacklyn Bassanelli is a Melbourne based screenwriter working in television. She has recently worked as a Script Editor on Halifax: Retribution for Channel Nine and participated in the Scripted Ink / Screentime ‘Hothouse’ initiative in collaboration with Channel Nine, developing... View Jacklyn Bassanelli's Bio

Jacklyn Bassanelli, Evergreen
Jacklyn Bassanelli

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