Jacklyn Bassanelli


A mining settlement on Mars inexplicably loses all contact with Earth after astro-biologist Lexi Faulkner discovers a singular Martian seed in the depths of the iron ore mine.


An 8 x 1 hour returnable sci-fi mystery.   EVERGREEN is a fertile world built on hostile ground: a dazzling futuristic garden where eucalypts fill the fibreglass skies far removed from a decaying Earth. Created by visionary astrobiologist Lexi Faulkner, this pristine, air-tight ecosystem supplies the first colony on Mars …

About Jacklyn Bassanelli

Jacklyn Bassanelli is a Melbourne based screenwriter working in television.

She has recently worked as a Script Editor on Halifax: Retribution for Channel Nine and participated in the Scripted Ink / Screentime ‘Hothouse’ initiative in collaboration with Channel Nine, developing two original drama ideas, House Vitali and Private Lies. In 2018 she won the AWG’s ‘Laugh Out Loud’ comedy pilot competition with her comedy/drama script Preconception. Jacklyn has written seven episodes of Kitty is Not a Cat for BES Animation and Channel 7, developed a sci-fi mystery Evergreen, with support from Film Victoria and Scripted Ink, and is further developing Preconception with support from Scripted Ink. She’s participated in writer’s rooms for Private Universe and Cortex and completed a writing internship on the long running Foxtel drama Wentworth, with support from Film Victoria and Scripted Ink. She’s also worked as a notetaker and researcher for Matchbox Pictures and Fremantle Media.

Prior to screenwriting, Jacklyn was an independent theatre maker, co-founding the multi award-winning company Stuck Pigs Squealing with Chris Kohn where she collaborated as writer, actor and dramaturg. She travelled to New York, Paris, London, Edinburgh and Sydney with the company and her own work including Black Swan of Trespass, Pink Denim in Manhattan, Unholy Site and Cafe Amour.

Australian Screenwriter Jacklyn Bassanelli
Jacklyn Bassanelli