Lachlan Marks

Short film
Adventure • Horror

Spurred on by a tall story from his deadbeat uncle, eight-year-old Tom takes it upon himself to confront a local legend and make a terrifying sacrifice for his family.


Rekindling the adventurous spirit of classic ‘80s storytelling from the likes of Stephen Spielberg and Stephen King, Fingers is a high stakes horror/adventure piece with darkly comic elements that explores the life of a dysfunctional family in a small rural town and just how far an ambitious young child will …

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About Lachlan Marks

Lachlan Marks is an award-winning Australian screenwriter with a background in journalism and the music industry. He was first inducted into the Australian Writers’ Guild’s Pathways Program when his short horror/adventure script Fingers was nominated for the Monte Miller Award at the... View Lachlan Marks's Bio

Lachlan Marks, Fingers
Lachlan Marks

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