God’s 17

Neer Shelter, Tai Scrivener

Web Series

A mockumentary about a modern-day cult, which satirizes politics, major religions, and activist groups.


God’s 17 satirizes politics, major religions, and activist groups. The web series tells the story of a well-meaning religious community and revolves around the group’s founders; Brother Aaron and Sister Tammy. They’re not the leaders of the religion, however, as the first founding members, most decisions seem to fall to them. …

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About Neer Shelter

Neer Musa Shelter is a writer of Egyptian-British descent who grew up on cargo ships around the world. He’s ex-military, a 3rd Dan Black Belt, and a film school graduate with a bachelor's degree. Neer's life experiences give him unique... View Neer Shelter's Bio

About Tai Scrivener

Tai is an actor and screenwriter with a professional acting experience spanning the past two decades. Over the last 25 years, he studied acting, screenwriting and has performed in over 40 theatrical productions. Some of his performances were part of... View Tai Scrivener's Bio

Neer Shelter, God’s 17
Neer Shelter
Tai Scrivener, God’s 17
Tai Scrivener

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