Grrrl Rock

Michael Miller


Jelena and Nai, her song-writing Cerebral-Palsy affected bestie, form a band with newfound friends - and learn it’s okay to make some noise.


Jelena, a bass-playing, punk-rock-loving sixteen-year-old, and Nai, her song writing, cerebral-palsy-affected bestie – are selected to attend a punk rock mentorship program run by 90’s grunge punk rock artist Mo.  Under Mo’s supervision and supported by her music industry contacts, Jelena and Nai start a band with newfound workshop friends …

About Michael Miller

Michael Miller co-created the latest ABC prime time series Pulse (with Kris Wyld), for which he script produced and wrote, as he did the first series of Cleverman for ABC/The Sundance Channel, receiving a 2015 AWGIE nomination and the John Hinde Award for...Read more about Michael Miller

Michael Miller, Grrrl Rock
Michael Miller