Alli Parker


When her old friend goes missing, a lover of literary detectives takes it upon herself to use her social media knowledge to uncover the truth of her friend’s disappearance.


A self declared lover of literary detectives, Ginny Hart spends her days labouring as an executive assistant, working long hours and doing nearly anything required for her boss – who Ginny suspects doesn’t even know her name. The job pays the bills and helps look after her mother, Frances, who …

About Alli Parker

Alli Parker is a screenwriter, script editor, and script co-ordinator based in Melbourne. She co- wrote an episode of the telemovie series Ms Fisher’s MODern Murder Mysteries for Channel 7 (Seasoned Murder), due to air in 2019. In late 2018, she made the Top Ten for the Scripted Ink, Screentime and Channel 9 Drama Hothouse Opportunity 2018 and her two TV series, Hart and Empty Nesters, were accepted into the AWG Pathways Program.

In early 2018, she undertook a three-month script internship at Echo Lake Entertainment in Los Angeles with the help of the Australian Writers’ Guild and Scripted Ink and, in mid-2017, she was commissioned by Mark Stewart Films to write a feature film with co-writer, Anton Russell.

Her feature script Strain was a finalist in the Open Channel and Australian Writers’ Guild New Writers’ Competition 2016 (Feature Film Category) and was subsequently inducted into the AWG Pathways Program.

Her work as a script editor and co-ordinator include Secret Bridesmaids’ Business, Ms Fisher’s MODern Murder Mysteries, Jack Irish Series 1 & 2, Sunshine, Please Like Me Series 4, Ride Like A Girl and she has worked as a writer’s assistant on the Oscar winning film Hacksaw Ridge and Utopia Series 1 & 2.

Alli Parker Screenwriter
Alli Parker