Illegal Aliens

Brendan Luno


Bianca, a young doctor looking to start over, finds herself on the run across Australia with a group of Afghani asylum seekers – and an extra-terrestrial.


BIANCA, a young idealistic doctor, starts work at an isolated detention centre in the Australian north. It’s as far away as she can get from her old life. At the same time, off the north west coast, an old fishing boat labours through heavy seas carrying a small cutthroat crew …

About Brendan Luno

Brendan abandoned a fun-filled career in Town Planning for the serious business of comedy writing, working on shows like the D-Generation, Rubbery Figures, Fast Forward, Full Frontal, Tonight Live, Something Stupid and Comedy Inc. He has also written for numerous...Read more about Brendan Luno

Brendan Luno, Illegal Aliens
Brendan Luno