It’s Not You

Brendan Luno


When Dylanʼs ex-wife Anna wants to get back together, blaming her affair on a recently diagnosed brain tumour, he has to choose between his past - or his future with Sofia.


What would you do if you were betrayed by your soul mate? Your world turned upside down, forced to forge a new life that you didn’t expect or want – only for them to claim they weren’t responsible for their actions? Would you forgive and forget and turn your back …

About Brendan Luno

Brendan abandoned a fun-filled career in Town Planning for the serious business of comedy writing, working on shows like the D-Generation, Rubbery Figures, Fast Forward, Full Frontal, Tonight Live, Something Stupid and Comedy Inc. He has also written for numerous...Read more about Brendan Luno

Brendan Luno, It’s Not You
Brendan Luno