Kym Goldsworthy


1899, Tarzan is dead. Jane Porter is captured and returned home to the most dangerous jungle of them all, New York, where she swears revenge on the man who killed her lover.


When Tarzan is shot and killed by a party of American treasure hunters lead by the notorious soldier of fortune, Nathaniel Nightingale in the final months of 1899, his partner Jane Porter is captured and returned in chains to New York City where she retreats to her family home to …

About Kym Goldsworthy

Kym Goldsworthy is one of Australia’s most experienced and awarded TV writer producers. He is a 6 time Australian Writers Guild AWGIE winner, most recently in 2017 as a co writer of the 4 part drama Deep Water (with Kris...Read more about Kym Goldsworthy

Kym Goldsworthy, Jane
Kym Goldsworthy