Just Another Week in Suburbia

Peter Mattessi


A dedicated teacher and an aspiring politician are forced over 7 wild days to confront one question: can you be married to someone for 7 years without ever falling in love?


Casper Grey is happy in his middle suburban life. He’s got a nice house on a nice street in a nice suburb, and with a bit of renovation it’ll be beautiful. The school where he’s a much-loved teacher is so highly regarded that people move house to get into the …

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About Peter Mattessi

Peter Mattessi writes television drama. In the UK, he writes for EastEnders and Holby City, was Senior Script Editor at EastEnders for many years, and was Script Producer for EastEnders’ teen-based spinoff, EastEnders: E20. In Australia he currently writes for... View Peter Mattessi's Bio

Peter Mattessi, Just Another Week in Suburbia
Peter Mattessi

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