Lost in the Dark

Christopher W Bailey

Feature film

In a bleak future, horrible creatures known as the 'Lurkers' hunt the last of mankind. They only fear one thing: electric light – but the power is running out.


As the electricity runs out, Raiden Solis, a self-reliant hunter, finds herself stranded with a group of desperate survivors. When a mysterious stranger arrives claiming to know the location of the last city of light, Raiden and the others are forced to decide between faith in the unknown or dependence …

About Christopher W Bailey

Chris produced his first feature film in 2006 and has worked in the Film/TV industry since 2005. He has worked as a 1st AD, Producer, Visual Effects Artist, Motion Designer, Screenwriter and Director in both the USA and Australia. He has directed 12 short films which have premiered at festivals across the globe, winning multiple awards. He has also written 12 feature length screenplays one of which was a finalist at the Beverly Hills International Film Festival.

In 2015 Chris directed an award winning short The Parting Gift, a powerful film shot entirely on green screen with real actors and virtual sets. Building on that experience he is currently directing his first Virtual Reality film Across for release in 2016.

Most recently his feature screenplay Lost in the Dark was nominated for the Monte Miller Award from the Australian Writers Guild. The film has been optioned and Chris is signed to direct in partnership with Film Victoria for the development of the film set for production in 2017.

Chris has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Film from Florida State University in the USA and a Graduate Certificate in Animation Directing from AFTRS in Sydney, Australia.

Christopher Bailey Screenwriter
Christopher W Bailey