Love Limits

Katharine McPhee

Adventure • Drama • Sci-Fi

In a future where the government puts time limits on relationships to sustain global harmony, one Australian couple will do anything to stay together and get 're-matched'.


The year is 2022. Throughout the world, there is ‘harmony’ compared to forty years prior. In 1986 the UN decreed had agreed that the divorce rate of 50% needed to be addressed. The knock-on effect of adverse relationship crises included domestic violence, adultery, low retention rates in the workforce and …

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About Katharine McPhee

Katharine McPhee graduated from Flinders University with an Honours degree in a Bachelor of Creative Arts in Screen Studies. She was the recipient of the 2008 Colin Thiele New Writing Scholarship, bestowed by the South Australian Youth Arts Board. In... View Katharine McPhee's Bio

Katharine McPhee, Love Limits
Katharine McPhee

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