Harry Aletras

Feature film
Crime • Thriller

A philosophy lecturer and compulsive gambler is coerced into an international drug smuggling ring by an underworld boss to repay his mounting debts.


Martingale is a traditional thriller that explores the morality of action and free will. It tells the story of Finnigan Wallace, a philosophy lecturer with a nihilistic outlook and a gambling addiction. Finnigan’s compulsion has ruined the relationships with the people he holds most dear, notably his doctor girlfriend, Simone, …

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About Harry Aletras

A passionate storyteller, Harry holds a degree in Fine Arts (Media Art) at RMIT and a Master of Screenwriting at VCA. His first feature length screenplay Martingale received the 2015 Insite Award for best un-produced screenplay presented by the AWG... View Harry Aletras's Bio

Harry Aletras, Martingale
Harry Aletras

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