Kym Goldsworthy, Ian Rochford


Part man. Part squid. All lawyer.


An 8 part sci-fi thriller. “Justice is Dead. Death is Justice.”… Outlawyer In the tech-tropolis of New Singvegas, capital of the Eastern Hemisphere, Garnet Grigson, the Executive President of the 6 Corporations celebrates The Great Takeover, the privatisation of the world’s last solvent government and the ultimate corporatization of Earth. …

About Kym Goldsworthy

Kym Goldsworthy is a 6 time AWGIE winner, most recently in 2017 for the miniseries Deep Water (with Kris Wyld) which was also awarded the Silver Prize at the 2017 Seoul International Drama Awards. From 2016 – 2018 Kym was...Read more about Kym Goldsworthy

About Ian Rochford

Ian Rochford is a Sydney-based member of the AWG who has been assessing scripts since 1999. He has written comedy and drama for television, short film and feature as well as corporate, experimental and independent projects, and shared the 2003 AWGIE Award for Children’s television. Ian also has practical experience in short and feature film-making, television production and script development.

Kym Goldsworthy, Outlawyer
Kym Goldsworthy
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