Punt Dad

CJ Johnson


When Nina and Ben go live with their dad, life becomes more erratic, strange and exciting, because their dad's on the punt.


It is around 1990. Nina is 12, Ben is 15, and Kay, their mother, is in financial straits. They need to go live with their Dad for awhile. When they do, they discover that Dad’s profession means their life becomes more erratic, strange… and exciting. Because Paul, their 51 year …

About CJ Johnson

CJ’s plays as writer include The Dog Logs, The Young Tycoons, Hollywood Ending, La La Land, Backpacker and Barnesy The Harbour and You. They have been performed in every state and territory of Australia, on Norfolk Island, and in New York, Bangalore, London, Zagreb, Tallin (Estonia), Belgrade and dozens of other towns and cities. His one-man show Kinski and I won the Sydney Fringe Theatre Award 2014.

CJ’s short films include The Bris which premiered as part of Cinema Des Antipodes at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival; Saturday Night Newtown Sunday Morning Enmore (Winner, Best Film: 14th Independents’ Film Festival, Florida 2007; 12th Canberra Short Film Festival 2007; 7th Bondi Short Film Festival 2007); Festival favourite and multiple Best Film runner-up The Game; Do Not Pass Go; Spring Bride and Pass The Salt. He co-directed the 2009 feature film Before The Rain.

CJ is the film critic for The Nightlife, listened to by a million listeners across Australia on ABC Local Radio and many more online internationally. His reviews air at 11:20pm on Tuesday nights.

His film blog Film Mafia is widely read internationally, with millions of views to date. He hosts the WebTV show Watch This.

He is a regular contributor to magazines and websites internationally, and the co-author of And The Oscar Didn’t Go Toavailable on all eBook platforms including Amazon, iTunes, Sony, Barnes and Noble and many others.

He lives in Sydney.

CJ Johnson, Australian Screenwriter
CJ Johnson