Red Belly Black

Tavis Urquhart

Action • Sci-Fi • Thriller

The residents of a central Australian mining town are forced to fight for survival after they are cut off from the rest of the world by a dangerous and mysterious dust storm.


“To share fear is the greatest bond of all” – J.A. Baker, The Peregrine   A 6 X 1 HOUR SERIALISED, SCI-FI THRILLER FOR TELEVISION. The ex-mining town of Mount Gundawindi (pop. 1053) wakes up on the 7th of June 2020 with no T.V, internet or phone access. Already geographically …

About Tavis Urquhart

Tavis Urquhart is a Melbourne-based screenwriter. After graduating with a Bachelor of Film and Television from Swinburne University, Tavis moved to the Victorian College of the Arts where he undertook a Masters of Screenwriting. In completion, Tavis graduated with First Class Honours and runner-up in the Best Screenplay Award. Since then Tavis has focused on building a slate of television and film spec-scripts of varying genres, from horror/comedy to science-fiction as well as drama. Tavis values stories that reflect the social landscape; parables that explore issues currently rattling the zeitgeist. Tavis’ career goal is to continue to build his own work as well as formulate strong professional relationships with producers and other writers.

Australian Screenwriter Tavis Urquhart
Tavis Urquhart