Salsa Masala

Mithila Gupta

Feature film

Asha defies her father to escape to India and become a Bollywood dancer - only to realise that he might be the key to connecting with her culture and star potential.


Salsa Masala is a coming of age story about passionate dreamer, Asha (18). Toddler Asha comes to the abundant shores of Aus from India with her dad Satish. Both carry the grief of losing her mother Radha. (Asha quite literally sees her ghost – a figment of Asha’s imagination.) And …

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About Mithila Gupta

Mithila is an Indian born, Aussie bred screenwriter/ creator who started her career in the story room at Neighbours in 2010 - where she introduced an Indian family to the regular cast of Ramsay Street. She went on to script... View Mithila Gupta's Bio

Mithila Gupta, Salsa Masala
Mithila Gupta

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