Stuart Mannion

Feature film
Adventure • Rural Stories • Sci-Fi • Thriller

A woman leads a group of adventurers to the Australian outback but must fight to save her daughter’s life when they become part of an alien experiment.


Saucer takes the kitsch 1950’s flying saucer trope and flips it into a modern-day, terrifying, psychological thriller.  Mckenna takes her estranged daughter and five friends from the city to outback Australia to climb a unique rock-formation – that they don’t realise is a sacred Indigenous site. Attacked by a single …

About Stuart Mannion

Stuart is a Melbourne-based writer, director and cinematographer, and he’s been worrying about UFOs since childhood.

Channelling this affliction into dozens of short films, his latest, Eye Contact, was selected by Flickerfest, Palm Springs, Sci-Fi London, Rhode Island and a finalist for best picture at St Kilda. He has screened on the BBC and won both the 48 Hour Film Competition and the Australian Student Film Awards.




Australian Screenwriter Stuart Mannion
Stuart Mannion