Shining Light

Matt Ford


Patrick Lamb is a brand-new priest - young, smart, driven. His one small problem: he doesn't believe in God.


Patrick Lamb is twenty-six. His friends are getting married, having kids, settling into careers. Making big decisions. Life-time commitments. Patrick’s making one too. We first meet him at the altar: lying flat on his stomach, kissing the carpet, prostrating himself before God. He’s taking his final vows of chastity and …

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About Matt Ford

Matt Ford is a screenwriter, producer, musician and performer. He has written more than seventy hours of television, with credits including the US sci-fi series Farscape,  Love Child, House Husbands, Love Is A Four-Letter Word, Dance Academy and the hit Foxtel series Satisfaction. ... View Matt Ford's Bio

Matt Ford, Shining Light
Matt Ford

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