Spies Girls

Neer Shelter, Tai Scrivener


A comedy about two of ASIO's sassiest - armed with dirty jokes, one-liners, and .38 Micro Eagles, they chase security threats to keep Australia safe.


Ariel Cohen, 30, is an atheist born into a religious Jewish family. She discovered her wild side at an early age and managed to hide it from her family ever since. As a result, over the years she developed an unrivalled ability to assume different identities. When combined with her …

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About Neer Shelter

Neer Musa Shelter was a semi-finalist in the Academy Nicholl Fellowship, a Final Draft’s Big Break top 5 finalist, an Austin Film Festival screenwriting finalist, a Page Award winner (and two-time finalist), a Monte Miller Award winner (finalist in two... View Neer Shelter's Bio

About Tai Scrivener

Tai is an actor and screenwriter with a professional acting experience spanning the past two decades. Over the last 25 years, he studied acting, screenwriting and has performed in over 40 theatrical productions. Some of his performances were part of... View Tai Scrivener's Bio

Neer Shelter, Spies Girls
Neer Shelter
Tai Scrivener, Spies Girls
Tai Scrivener

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