Alli Parker

Feature film
Action • Mystery • Thriller

As an infection spreads through an island town, an estranged daughter must team up with her family and old school bully to survive a zombie apocalypse.


If you asked Alice what she’d prefer – heading back to her coastal hometown to spend time with her family or being stuck in a zombie apocalypse, she’d say the latter. When she gets trapped dealing with both on a small island off the Victorian coast, she can’t believe her …

About Alli Parker

Alli Parker is a screenwriter, script editor and script co-ordinator based in Melbourne, Australia. In mid-2017, she was contracted by Mark Stewart Films in London to write feature film Einstein’s Compass with her co-writer, Anton Russell and in 2018 she undertook a three month script placement at Echo Lake Entertainment in Los Angeles, with the help of the AWG and Scripted Ink. Her credits as a script editor and co-ordinator include Jack Irish Series 1 & 2, Sunshine, Please Like Me Series 4 and Utopia Series 1 & 2. She is currently working on several comedy and drama projects in various stages of development. Her unproduced feature film script, Strain, came runner up in the Open Channel and Australian Writers’ Guild New Writers’ Competition 2016 (Feature Film Category).

Alli Parker Screenwriter
Alli Parker