The Analyst

Meegan May


A former Intelligence analyst encounters a man on the streets whom she believes is a wanted terrorist, and must prove who he is before he carries out a deadly terror attack.


LUCY GROVES just wants to be a normal woman. She goes on tinder dates, buys $400 shoes, and drinks cocktails on a Friday night with her workmates from her corporate bank job. But this idealised version of what she thought her life should be does nothing but bore Lucy – …

About Meegan May

Meegan May completed her MFA in Screenwriting from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2016, where she won Best Script for the TV series Viewers. Viewers was shortlisted in the Australian Writers’ Guild’s John Hinde Award for Science Fiction, and, among others, was a Quarter Finalist in Final Draft’s Big Break Competition and the Shore Scripts Screenwriting Competition. 
A decorated ex-soldier and veteran of Afghanistan, Meegan spent nearly five years working in military intelligence both in Australia and overseas. A TV pilot inspired by this time called The Analyst recently helped her secure the 2019 AWG’s Pathways McCraith House Writer’s Residency.
Meegan also co-writes with award winning screenwriter Lauren Anderson, developing the web series Redhead Rising, and a short set in the same world called The Ginger Conspiracy. The short won the 2018 Sydney Road Short Film Festival. In 2019, they will make their theatre writing debut with a new short work for Theatre Works called Athena: Huntress of Men.
Meegan has undertaken a Film Victoria funded writer’s placement on the Logie award winning Romper Stomper TV series, on which she also acted as Script Coordinator. Meegan regularly works in TV writers rooms and as a script reader, and is a member of the AWG’s Pathways Program.
More recently, Meegan’s short film script First Words was a Top 5 Finalist in the 2018 BlueCat Screenplay Competition. It will be directed by director/producer Joel Kohn, with whom she is also collaborating with on the short form series SEEKER, currently supported Film Victoria and the Special Broadcasting Service.
Australian Screenwriter Meegan May
Meegan May