The Big Yarn

Jules Duncan

Feature film

After surviving a bungled hit, a pedantic small town journo teams up with a wannabe cop to find out which of the lame stories she’s been working on masks a broader conspiracy.


Penny Buckley is deadly serious about becoming a big time journalist; disciplined, ethical, and respected. But it’s hard when you’re stuck writing for the local newspaper in Karratha, a mining town thousands of miles from the nearest interesting story. When Buckley survives a bungled hit, she decides that one of …

About Jules Duncan

Jules Duncan writes films with humour and heart. He tells stories about characters who are recognisable yet idiosyncratic, much like the backwaters and ‘burbs that they hail from.

His first feature film credit Rams, starring Sam Neill and Michael Caton, is slated for release in early 2020 through Roadshow. A reimagining of the Icelandic film Hrutar, Jules brought a uniquely Australian tone to the universal story about feuding brothers.

Jules’ latest action comedy The Big Yarn won the 2019 AWG Monte Miller award for Best Unproduced Australian screenplay, as well as ScreenWest’s Bill Warnock Award. The companion proof of concept short film Partners won Best Comedy at the 2018 St Kilda Film Festival.

His first screenplay Bogan Wedding was financed by Screen Australia and has been optioned by producer Robyn Kershaw.

Prior to screenwriting, Jules worked as a journalist, TV reporter, and producer.

Australian Screenwriter Jules Duncan
Jules Duncan