The Black Tulip

Lâle Teoman

Web Series
Drama • Fantasy • Sci-Fi

Sahika, a somnambulist, discovers a secret passage in a mountainside that leads her to a mysterious lake where memories of those passed are imprinted in the water.


28 year old Sahika, a Turkish-Australian flower farmer, lives in a dystopian near future rural Australia with her 30 year old partner Miles, an African-Australian policeman. In a landscape haunted by those passed, the apparition of a woman with long red hair appears to Sahika with a cryptic message that …

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About Lâle Teoman

Lâle Teoman was the NSW recipient of the SBS Emerging Writers’ Incubator, 2021, placed with Goalpost Pictures for 12 months. Lâle worked across the Goalpost development slate including 5 weeks on location in the script department on Stan’s mystery series... View Lâle Teoman's Bio

Lâle Teoman, The Black Tulip
Lâle Teoman

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