The Jesus Machine

David Vincent Smith

Feature film
Coming of age • Drama • Sci-Fi • Young Adult

In a war-ravaged world, a doctor smuggles away a teenage cyborg who was built and designed to save the planet, in exchange for help to find her missing sister.


The world is on the edge of total ruin: immigration is illegal, communication has gone dark between countries, and all the banks have collapsed. In this darkness humanity’s salvation is said to depend on the arrival of ‘The Jesus Machine’, the next phase in our collective advancement; a perfect, all-knowing …

About David Vincent Smith

David was the last current recipient of Screenwest’s Feature Navigator program, a year-long initiative designed to uncover, inspire and develop passionate, motivated and talented West Australian writer/directors.

His professional career while still in film school when he was recognised nationally by MTV for two pilot concepts he wrote, directed and edited. In recent years David served as the Director’s attachment on Netflix’s twenty-million-dollar sci-fi film Extinction and the last two shorts that he wrote were both selected for the Dendy Awards at Sydney Film Festival 2019.

He is currently in development on his first feature film to be shot next year

Australian Screenwriter David Vincent Smith
David Vincent Smith