The Last Crop

Tavis Urquhart


In post-apocalyptic America, a former biologist and her son are forced to join a secretive commune or face starvation, only to discover the cult's intentions are far worse...


‘The Last Crop’ is set in the near future, where scientists are fighting nature – because across the planet, for an inexplicable reason, everything is dying. Fruit trees, corn crops, wheat, soy, grass, even house plants. Despite a global scientific effort, a day comes where the Last Crops of the …

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About Tavis Urquhart

Tavis Urquhart is a Melbourne-based screenwriter. After completing a Bachelor of Film and Television from Swinburne University, Tavis graduated from the Masters of Screenwriting at the Victorian College of the Arts, finishing with First Class Honours. His graduating feature script... View Tavis Urquhart's Bio

Tavis Urquhart, The Last Crop
Tavis Urquhart

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