The Morning After

Leanne Mangan

Short film

A young backpacker wakes at dawn in a paddy field outside Siem Reap with no idea how he got there, what happened the night before – or where his girlfriend is.


When a young aussie backpacker wakes in a rice paddy field outside Siem Reap, with no memory of the night before except brief disconnected flashes, he must race against time to find his girlfriend, before it’s too late. (A seven minute proof of concept short is available upon request). The …

About Leanne Mangan

Leanne Mangan is a Sydney-based screenwriter. She graduated in 2016 with an Advanced Diploma in Screenwriting for Series TV from AFTRS, and completed Semester 1 of the Advanced Diploma in Script Editing for Production in 2017.

The Morning After was a finalist in the 2018 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards, a semi-finalist in the 2018 WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Awards, and a quarter-finalist in the Fall 2018 Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards.

Leanne has now adapted her short into a feature film script, Amok, which is a series of interconnected stories set in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The seven minute short film of The Morning After is a proof of concept, available upon request.

Leanne has co-written and co-produced a second short film, Remote Access, which is beginning its festival run with a world premiere in Brooklyn, NYC on March 23. It will screen at the Girlpower Film + Media Summit and Showcase.  

Leanne will also attend the upcoming Australian International Screen Forum in New York City.


Australian Screenwriter Leanne Mangan
Leanne Mangan