The Princess & the Bear

Gina Lambropoulos

Feature film

A gay nightclub owner has his life thrown into chaos when his estranged seven year-old-niece is dumped on his doorstep for him to look after.


“Some of my best friends are bears.”   Mia (7) Publican BARRY (50) heads to bed after an all-nighter at The Chapel, his men’s only leather and bear bar. The ageing bar is struggling to stay afloat, its survival now pinned on a successful Christmas trade. Barry can’t sleep. He …

About Gina Lambropoulos

Gina is drawn to character driven stories that uplift and celebrate diversity, which give a voice to those who are yet to find their own. She aspires to make her audience laugh and, hopefully, make them pee themselves, just a little bit.

This year Gina wrote and produced a short film, The Escape Hatch, a feel good romantic comedy written to combat the depressing ‘dead lesbian’ trope. It has screened at over 35 festivals worldwide and picked up three awards, including Audience Choice at the 2016 London Lesbian Film Festival and 2016 Birmingham SHOUT! Film Festival.

As someone who is always looking to connect with the audience, Gina produced and co-presented the weekly comedy rainbow family radio program Family Matters on Joy 94.9.

Gina has a Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Writing from Deakin University and is a graduate of RMIT University’s Advanced Diploma of Screenwriting. While at RMIT she wrote and produced The Eyes Have It, a documentary exploring the absurd cultural variations of the evil eye. The film opened at the 2012 Antipodes Short Greek Film Festival.

Gina has been working hard to expand her practical knowledge of producing, which combines her love of storytelling and collaboration with her superhero-like skills in administration and project management. Earlier in the year Gina completed the Open Channel Screen Producing course led by Stephen Luby, and recently completed an observational placement with Unicorn Films.

Gina Lambropoulos Screenwriter
Gina Lambropoulos