The Recogniser

Chris Aronsten

Crime • Drama

When a young woman with a secret talent is arrested, she finds herself trapped into working for the police, and forced into taking over her brother’s criminal enterprise.


Super Recognisers “Super Recognisers” are a tiny 1% of the population born with the ability to remember every face they have ever seen. In fact, when it comes to facial recognition, tests have shown that Super Recognisers out perform even the best computers, and as a result, police forces all …

About Chris Aronsten

Chris is a graduate of the AFTRS (BA, Screenwriting) and the NIDA playwriting studio. His short film, Call Waiting, won the Best Screenplay Award at the 1998 British Short Film Festival. His television credits include Going Home (SBS) David Tench Tonight (Ten) and Comedy Inc. – The Late Shift (Nine). Between 2005 and 2007 Chris wrote a satirical advice column for the Sydney Morning Herald. In 2005, he was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to research writers’ theatres in the UK, Ireland and the USA. Plays include Human Resources (Darlinghurst Theatre 2006), Malice Toward None (Old Fitzroy Theatre, 2012) and The Lunch Hour (Darlinghurst Theatre, 2012) In 2013, Chris was awarded Inscription’s Edward Albee Playwriting Scholarship. In 2017, Chris will tour his monologue What would Cathy do? to three international festivals: The One Festival (New York), The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and United Solo (New York).York), The Edinburgh Fringe.

Chris Aronsten Screenwriter
Chris Aronsten