The Recogniser

Chris Aronsten


When a young woman with a secret talent is arrested, she finds herself trapped into working for the police, and forced into taking over her brother’s criminal enterprise.


Super Recognisers “Super Recognisers” are a tiny 1% of the population born with the ability to remember every face they have ever seen. In fact, when it comes to facial recognition, tests have shown that Super Recognisers out perform even the best computers, and as a result, police forces all …

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About Chris Aronsten

Chris Aronsten is a graduate of the Australian Film Television and Radio School (BA, Screenwriting) and the National Institute of Dramatic Art (Playwriting Studio). His short film, Call Waiting, won the Best Screenplay Award at the 1998 British Short Film... View Chris Aronsten's Bio

Chris Aronsten, The Recogniser
Chris Aronsten

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