The Red Room

Peter Mattessi

Drama • Musical

When a struggling singer finds the door to a 1957 Vegas nightclub at the back of his wardrobe, he sees the opportunity to escape his life, realise his dream and become a star.


John is struggling. His wife is in a coma and the time is coming to make a decision on switching her off. He’s a very sad man. Until he hears music. He follows the sound into his wardrobe, where he finds a mysterious red door that leads to The Red …

About Peter Mattessi

Peter Mattessi writes television drama. In the UK, he writes for EastEnders and Holby City, was Senior Script Editor at EastEnders for many years, and was Script Producer for EastEnders’ teen-based spinoff, EastEnders: E20. He also has a number of original projects in development. In Australia he has written for all the soaps, currently writes for Neighbours and a new drama in development with Matchbox Pictures, and has written children’s shows Worst Year Of My Life Again and Specky Magee.

Australian Screenwriter Peter Mattessi
Peter Mattessi