The Surgeon’s Knife

Matt Ford


Mia's a brain-surgeon. Smart, obsessive, with nerves of steel - she excels in her work. The only thing in her way is a bunch of men. So she begins to murder them, one by one.


Her name is Mia V. She’s 45 years old. She’s a neurosurgeon. Yes that’s correct, she’s a brain surgeon. It takes a special breed of person to cut open people’s heads for a living. To guide a scalpel close to the brain stem, to slice and cut near the spinal …

About Matt Ford

Matt Ford is a screenwriter, producer, musician and performer. He has written more than seventy hours of television, with credits including the US sci-fi series Farscape,  Love Child, House Husbands, Love Is A Four-Letter Word, Dance Academy and the hit Foxtel series Satisfaction. ...Read more about Matt Ford

Matt Ford, The Surgeon’s Knife
Matt Ford