The Zone

Matt Ford

Crime • Drama

A thousand square miles of toxic wasteland, fenced-off, access denied. When the body of a murdered politician is found there, Detective Emma Kirsch is forced to investigate


The Zone – a series for television created by Matt Ford The man is petrified. He sprints for his life, jumps, stumbles — glances backward, wild eyes scanning for those in pursuit. Pushes on, crazy-scared, thundering through a strange landscape of trees, gravel, burnt-out buildings… No sign of people, or …

About Matt Ford

Matt Ford is a screenwriter, producer, musician and performer. He has written more than forty hours of television, with credits including the US sci-fi series Farscape,  Love Child, House Husbands, Slide, Stingers, Wildside, Love Is A Four-Letter Word, Dance Academy and the...Read more about Matt Ford

Matt Ford, The Zone
Matt Ford