Lauren Anderson


When an online petition goes viral, a self-absorbed YouTube star finds herself leader of the ultra egalitarian breakaway state of New Tasmania.


When disillusionment with the Australian government reaches an all-time high, YouTube star Gwennifwah Banks creates an online petition to have her elected to government. Her platform of Webocratic equality and Oprah-nomic car giveaways strike a chord with the disaffected masses. Her petition goes viral and gains so much traction that …

About Lauren Anderson

Lauren Anderson graduated from the VCA Master of Narrative Direction in 2009, as the recipient of the Outstanding Overall Postgraduate Student and Best Masters Film awards. Her short films Vigilant! Healthy! Wholesome! and Love and Other Red Spot Specials both premiered at Palm Springs International Shorts Fest, were acquired by the National Film and Sound Archive, and screened around the world. Lauren worked as an offline editor until 2015 when she decided she wanted to focus on generating the story, not just the final cut. Lauren is a 2016 graduate of the VCA Master of Screenwriting, and was named the winner of the 2016 AWG / Open Channel New Writers Script Competition, TV/Web Series category. Lauren is a comic writer who loves to push the everyday into the absurd. She endeavours to put spins on societal frictions, so that we might see our world anew.

Lauren Anderson Screenwriter
Lauren Anderson