Women Who Play With Dolls

Chelsea Cassio


On the verge of losing her life to an online hacker, Jade makes it her sole purpose to uncover her hacker’s identity and exact revenge while trying to keep her own evil at bay


It’s the year 2025 and Virtual Reality is an escape from a world partially destroyed by environmental disasters and global wars. We follow human JADE LONDON (26) as she dips into a Virtual Reality game and forms a strong online bond with avatar ZANDER GRAHAM – his intellect and the …

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About Chelsea Cassio

Chelsea is an award-winning scriptwriter and script editor for film and television.​ After graduating from an Advanced Diploma of Screenwriting, Chelsea went on to work as a script assistant on the Twentieth Century Fox production of Wolverine. She sold her... View Chelsea Cassio's Bio

Chelsea Cassio, Women Who Play With Dolls
Chelsea Cassio

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