The Australian Writers’ Guild’s Pathways initiative has enjoyed great success since its inception in 2010.

Projects that have been optioned include:

  • Lucid by Philip Tarl Denison (now in production)
  • Minding Gavin by Robyn Winslow (now in development)
  • Evergreen by Jacklyn Bassanelli
  • One Year Later by Christian White (now in development)
  • Lost in the Dark by Christopher W. Bailey
  • Mish Mash by Elizabeth Dias and Russell Bywater
  • Croak by Shane Brady (now in development)
  • Black Creek by Eloise Healey and Jessica Brookman (now in development)
  • The Princess and the Bear by Gina Lambropoulos (now in development)
  • Mayfield by Gemma Crofts
  • Sleepwalker by Matt Wheeldon (now in development)
  • Tigress by Jane Hampson (now in development)
  • Another Time by Heather Wilson
  • Bayou by Becca Johnstone

Projects that have received Scripted Ink* development funding include:

  • The Peacemaker by Max Walker
  • CatGod by Chris Phillips & Chris Burke
  • Martingale by Charalabos Harry Aletras
  • Black Creek by Eloise Healey & Jessica Brookman
  • Evergreen by Jacklyn Bassanelli
  • Meridian by Alexei Mizin and Ryan van Dijk
  • Race with the Devil by Adam Spellicy
  • Tigress by Jane Hampson
  • Shining Light by Matt Ford
  • Another Time by Heather Wilson

 * Please note Scripted Ink board members and Scripted Ink staff are not eligible for Scripted Ink funding.*